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    We service the following markets. Contact us with any questions.

    Scientific Coils

    Demanding applications where high quality and nominal differences from item to item are a must, APW Company excels in providing tight tolerance coils to meet the stringent requirements of scientific valve's and flow control products commonly found in scientific and diagnostic instrumentation markets.

    Industrial Coils

    A staple product at APW Company since 1944 is our ability to supply a wide variety of tape wrapped coils. These coils can be found in packaging equipment, pneumatic valves, elevators and industrial solenoid applications.Made with UL listed materials to:

    Class B (130c)
    Class F (155c)
    Class H (180c)

    Military & Areospace Coils

    With 70 years of experience difficult and demanding applications for Military and Aerospace are met with simplicity and confidence. High temperature materials, fine wire sizes into the 50+ range and PCB fabrication are met with our competence in J-STD-001FS and IPC/WHMA-A620B-S (Space Addendum) Certifications specifically for these needs.