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      SKU: KG-ID-V4
      Inline Driver


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      Inline Driver:
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      Voltage 6v-24v
      Amps 1.5A

      The KG-ID-V4 Inline Driver is designed to be an easy solution for applications that use coil devices such as solenoids and electromagnets. Primarily this driver is designed to operate in a hit and hold configuration which functions by activating at full power and then dropping down to a holding power after a short amount of time. This is extremely helpful when being used with solenoids because they typically require the maximum amount of energy to turn on and then only require a fraction of energy to remain on. Operating a solenoid with a hit and hold driver lowers the operating temperature significantly and also saves energy. We offer several different hit-and-hold driving profiles which include 20%, 33% and 50% holding power after initial activation. We also offer a profile that functions like a solid-state relay and does not reduce its holding power. This profile is most suited for electromagnets but can be used with other coil devices. The driver is easily activated by a logic signal. The trigger input on the driver is pulled up to +5v normally and when a logic "0" is input or the trigger is connected to ground it activates the driver. 

      Weight 0.02 pounds
      SKU KG-ID-V4