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      Power: Supply Voltage +- (for your electromagnet 24 vdc or over if you are using the fast on. Max 30 vdc )

      Trigger: Voltage applied to these terminals +- turns on the supply voltage through the circuit and the applied settings. Upon release of voltage to the trigger, the driver executes the release circuit program.

      Settings (blue adjustments) From the Furthest away in the photo. This is the ON time control (for fast on) so if you supply 24 vdc to the board the 24 vdc will be applied for that time, next is the hold voltage setting so you can stay at input for holding (set at 100%) or reduce to a lower holding voltage (i.e. 12 vdc if you were using the fast on overdrive concept or reduced holding voltage for cooler operation set after the initial on time setting) Upon release of the trigger voltage the next setting controls the delay or dead time between supplied voltage and final setting is the reverse current spike applied).

      You can use supply volts to 5vdc on the trigger signal. This allows for a simple switch integration with supply voltage or enables you to control the board with TTL compatible logic level commands from a PC.

      The demonstrated picture features a black box and a simple push button switch with a 9vdc battery to trigger the board for testing. You can use a micro switch and just use the + supply split and passing a + through a NO switch. (no negative to the trigger is required when doing this.) When you press the switch it will complete the circuit to the + on the trigger and run the board until you release the switch.

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