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If your design requires customization and or a ground up design to fit your unique application APW Company can meet your requirements. We can provide many value-added services like; termination, harnessing, marking and tailoring of existing units to meet your needs. We can also produce to your requirements and or applications where standard products don't meet your needs.


Surgical Robot Tool Holder

A client from the surgical robotics industry contracted APW when they needed a local, reliable custom electromagnet manufacturer to help them research and develop prototypes for an electromagnet that would be used in an autonomously assisted tool holder surgery robot. This robot would be used in non-patient contact surgical applications to pick up the appropriate surgical tool by voice command and deliver it to the operating surgeon, and then return the tool to the instrument tray once the surgeon placed it on the transfer zone.

Using a few customer-supplied preliminary drawings and electrical specifications for the design, APW provided full manufacturing prints, along with a completed electrical design of this part, to meet our client’s unique application requirements. The electromagnet measured 445 inches in length and 1.37 inches in diameter. The unit also weighed 0.2 pounds.


Custom Battery Operated Electromagnet

APW was contacted to manufacture a custom EM100 electromagnet for a battery operated tool that loads objects at a rate of 2 units per second and up to 2200 pcs on a single charge.  The client required a small, but powerful electromagnet to be used in the loading/feeding application for this tool. This electromagnet not only needed to meet all high-speed performance demands, it also needed to be extremely durable, as this portable tool would often be used under harsh environmental working conditions.

In order to meet all of our client’s performance specifications, the electromagnet needed to maintain high-speed functioning within a small footprint while also drawing enough energy and providing the tool with sufficient battery life. In addition, we needed to design a product that could be easily mass produced to meet particular market demands


Custom designed Swivel Lock

Known for providing top-notch electromagnetic products, APW was contracted by a client from the medical industry to manufacture a series of electromagnetic swivel locks that would be used on exam chairs during dental and medical procedures. By maintaining a tight, precision tolerance, APW developed a powerful, yet cost-effective, swivel lock that was capable of holding up to 600 or more pounds within a fixed, 3.5 inch diameter size to meet our customer’s existing footprint. After manufacturing was complete, the swivel lock measured only 2 inches in length, 3.5 inches in width, and weighed just 4.45 pounds.

Despite its small dimensions, this lock possessed a strong, 650 pound maximum holding force. With a long history of expertise in the electromagnet product industry, APW was able to develop and manufacture a durable exam chair swivel lock that fulfilled all performance demands, while providing a significant cost savings over previously employed designs. Our product satisfied all customer requirements for both strength and size, while continuing to meet the superior standards expected in the medical industry.

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