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    Dev Kit - EM100-12-222

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      SKU: DKIT-4777
      Dev Kit - EM100-12-222


      Holding Force (Lbs) 25
      Note Our units are tested on a load cell under a standardized test method which uses direct contact with a bare 1215 CRS ground strike plates that are .250� thick and are equal or greater than the diameter of the electromagnets.
      Voltage 12
      Current DC
      Duty Continuous
      Amps 0.33
      Mounting Option Through-Hole w/ Shoulder Bolt
      Bolt Desc. or Thread 8-32 x 1
      Mounting Screw Supplied Yes
      Mounting Screw Supplied (2) Yes
      Lead Wire Type TFE
      Lead Wire Type (3) TFE
      Lead Wire Ga. 22
      Lead Wire Ga. 22
      Lead Wire Length 18
      Outer Diameter (in.) 1
      Outer Diameter (in.) 1
      Height (in.) 2 0.78
      Height (in.) 3 0.78

      We have paired our 12v, 1" electromagnet with a coil driver from KG4 Controls to make it easy to interface with control systems. The simple 3 wire design needs only positive power, ground and a trigger signal to operate. The electromagnet project kit includes a 1" electromagnet, coil driver, wiring harness with 12" leads, strike plate and mounting hardware. The Product comes fully assembled, just align the driver pin 1 with the corresponding pin 1 on the wiring harness and insert the board to get started. 

      This kit is great for the hobbyist who wants to implement electromagnets into their projects. The trigger input for the driver accepts a wide range of signals down to 4.5 volts which makes it perfect for pairing with an Arduino project. As long as there are 12 volts being supplied to the driver and the trigger signal is being held high the magnet can stay on indefinitely. The electromagnet was designed to run at 100% duty cycle.


      Red = +12v

      Black = Ground

      Blue = Trigger (+5v to +12v to activate)

      Electromagnet Project Kit Includes:

      1" 12v Electromagnet and Mounting Screw (Length 1"  Thread 8-32)

      Electromagnet Driver

      Wiring Harness

      Strike Plate and Mounting Screw (Length 3/4"  Thread 8-32)


      Weight 0.17 pounds
      SKU DKIT-4777