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    Countless people rely on APW Company for quality products they can trust. Our products are manufactured with superior materials, exceptional care and the best technologies available. That’s why our production team never cuts corners, and takes the time, effort and resources necessary to ensure all products reach our high standards.

    Cutting-Edge Technologies

    • Manufacturing Control, Completely Digital and Custom Made for APW
    • Scale-able Inventory Management System 
    • Integrated Support Systems
    • Digital ISO Control System
    • Current CAD / 3-D system  Solidworks
    • Managed networks
    • Lean Manufacturing & 5S
    • Cellular Manufacturing; (cells for similar processes and or for individual low volume client specific i.e. aerospace cells)

    Coil Production Equipment

    • Multi-Spindle CNC winding machines.
    • Single-spindle CNC winding machines.
    • CNC Layer winding equipment with EG controls.
    • Old fashioned hand winding machines.
    • Automatic lead wire stripping machines. (bulk and small run)
    • 3-D Printing Capabilities in house.
    • Tooling Machine Shop
    • Automatic and manual termination equipment.
    • Epoxy dispensing equipment and UV curable stations.
    • Label and Ink marking equipment
    • Laser marking capabilities
    • Automated and manual Epoxy & Varnish Equipment
    • Vacuum Impregnation to 29" Hg
    • Curing Ovens

    Superior Quality Control

    Quality Matters
    • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
    • J-STD-001FS Solder certified to Space Addendum
    • IPC/WHMA-A620B-S Terminal application to Space Addendum
    • Fully Digital Control and documentation.
    • Multiple in process inspection points
    • 100% resistance inspection
    • Dialectical breakdown to 6 Kv available
    • Linear force gauges for pull testing
    • Calibration system with test equipment redundancy